Murmeli goes India

An AIESEC traineeship in Hyderabad, India

Hanging out in Kathmandu

I have been in Nepal for a week now with my friend Andrei. We had to stop for a night in a small border town because of a bus strike, before getting the 18 hour busride to Kathmandu the next day. Since then we have been staying in Kathmandu, not doing anything special. We were supposed to go on a trek first a couple of days ago, but we postponed that by a day when we accidentally met Henrik, a Polish AIESEC trainee from Hyderabad, who wanted to come with us on the trek but needed some time to prepare. Then we had to postpone by one more day because I got fever last night. The fever was gone in the morning and we are trying to finally go on the trek tomorrow.

I have only three weeks left and then I am back in Finland. Time really goes fast. I will do this one trek and then possibly fly to Delhi to see a friend and then to Hyderabad to pack my stuff, have a farewell dinner with the others and then go home. I am quite ready to go now actually. 11 months is a long time to be away from home.

I am trying to find a flat in Jyvaskyla and a good friend of mine has been helping me with this. There is a small double flat on Puistokatu (Park street) that interests me at the moment. I have been trying to send an application for a student flat in Kortepohja for a couple of times but they always fail to receive it. It would be cheap to live there and there would be a lot of friends around, but then again a flat closer to the center would be nice, especially one that has not been inhabited by tens of students before me, like the flats in Kortepohja.


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The end of the traineeship



On Monday night we went to Little Italy in Banjara Hills to have a farewell dinner. It was also a farewell for Fatima, who is leaving next week after her Goa holiday. The food was great as always and we had fun. The autorikshaws in Hyderabad were on strike yesterday, apparently demanding a two Rupee raise in the starting price, which caused some stress about the transportation of all the 15+ people to the site. At the end we managed to get everybody there and back.

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I will be sending a few postcards as well as three parcels to Finland. I consider them Christmas greetings and gifts, even though I have no idea how soon or late they arrive if I send them next week. Anywho, I had to do some selection when deciding who to send something. In the category “potential receivers” I had tons of people, and of those people I had to choose those lucky few who get something. Believe me, if you got into the “potential receivers” group you are already a very good friend of mine. Then if before Christmas you receive something, well… you can consider yourself lucky also 🙂 So please do not send me hatemail for not getting a greeting. I hold you all (you know who you are) very dear and I wish I could send something to everybody.

I have a suggestion for you. When Christmas time comes along, I want to see a lot of comments from all you people in my blog. This is the first time ever in my life that I will be spending Christmas somewhere else than in my childhood home, so I will most likely be very sentimental about it. And perhaps a bit sad too. But all of you can alleviate my homesickness by dropping a line in my blog and wishing me merry Christmas when it is time for that. I promise I will write a counter comment to each comment I get.

Nothing much else going on at the moment. Next weekend we are going to go to Mysore, which is a nice city close to Bangalore. We have RAC (reserved against cancellation) train tickets, so we might have to share beds. No matter. I have started planning what I will do next year. My traineeship will end in January and I am planning to do some traveling after that. The big plan is to go from Kanyakumari (the southernmost tip of India) all the way up to Jammu. In fact there is a train that does this trip: the Himsagar Express cuts through India (3734 kilometers) in a mere 66 hours 🙂 But I am planning to crisscross the country in a more thorough way, which will take 4-6 months. Don’t know exactly how long yet, but I will keep you posted on that, of course. It would be the biggest trip I have ever done and it feels both exciting and intimidating at the same time. But I remember one piece of advice somebody once gave me: you ensure your plans materialize by making them public.

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Traveling in Thailand continues

Hello. I am now on the Ko Phangan island. We like the place so much that we might skip Ko Samui altogether. We will stay here for a couple more days and then head down to Malaysia and Singapore. Yesterday we attended the half-moon party (a smaller cousin of the world-famous full-moon party). I left the jungle at 4.30 AM but Eduardo, Claire and Tobias stayed there. They came back to our guest house after seven 🙂 The weather is excellent, it is hot and sunny and the beach is crystal clear. Food is more expensive than in India but I am still getting by on a daily budget of about 1200-1300 Thailand Baht (about 26 Euro) which buys me accommodation by the sea, meals, transportation.. everything. The place where we are staying is not really a budget place, but it is in a beautiful location, the restaurant is nice (though expensive), there is a free swimming pool and a Thai massage parlour (not free, but anyway). We have done plenty of snorkeling, which is extremely cool. The see is very deep very close to the beach, which makes snorkeling here a dream.

That’s all. Internet here is expensive, 2 Baht per minute, so I won’t stay on-line any longer. I’ll go take a walk on the beach instead and maybe do some swimming too. Bye!

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On vacation in Thailand

I am currently on vacation in Thailand. We flew to Bangkok on Saturday and stayed there for two nights near the famous backpacker heaven, Kaosan Road. We left Bangkok yesterday and came to Kanchangaburi. We stayed on the River Kwai (famous from the movie, which – ironically – was filmed entirely in Sri Lanka, by the way) in a bungalow which was literally on the river, floating. The place was beautiful and peacefull. I stayed up until 0.30 last night just sitting outside the bungalow listening to the crickets and the water. Today we did a tour trip to Erawan national park. We had a swim in the beautiful waterfalls and it was excellent! Today it has been raining a little (after the elephant ride and the Death Railway it rained a lot) but I hope it won’t rain anymore tomorrow when we go to the Ko Tao island in Southern Thailand.

This was just a brief update on the situation. To sum it all up, I’m having a great time in a great company right now. And, would you believe it, I’m actually missing some things about India here 🙂 For example the tens of waiters in each restaurant that are always at your service. It does not happen here, surprisingly.

This Internet place is closing up soon, so I gotta go. I wrote this really hastily, so sorry about any typos. And we are now in Banpong, by the way, which is just a railway hub on the Bangkok-Southern Thailand route. The train leaves at around midnight, so we still have some time to kill. Anyways, until the next posting, bye bye!

PS. Lots of hugs to Jaana, who has just returned back to Finland from Jaipur! Do not forget to have an amazing house warming party!

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Note about the pictures & today’s lunch

And after an hour setting these up here I realise that they don’t work like they should, that is, you can’t open a bigger picture by clicking the picture. Sorry, don’t have energy right now to start working on that.

I’ll try to arrange that I can get the pictures into AIESEC’s gallery instead of trying to set them up in the blog. The blog is ok for a couple of shots, but no more than that…

Today I ate Thali, the South Indian version of it actually. It had this very thin bread-like thing, curry, chutney (vegetable and chili made into something that resembles mustard), curd and something called sambar (in a little bowl just like the curd).

I realised today that Indians work on Saturdays as well. However a colleague at work seemed to imply that no one would really care if I did not do that. Of course I will work on Saturdays as well. Anyways, we are planning to go to Chirupati next week’s weekend to see some temples and stuff, so I’ll miss Saturday work then.

The wedding thing did not work eventually. We did other stuff and did not go, and the actual wedding today would have been in Secuderabad, the other half of this place that is called the Twin Cities, Hyd being the other half.

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