Murmeli goes India

An AIESEC traineeship in Hyderabad, India

Bye bye

The time of departure is slowly approaching. Tomorrow at about 9PM Finnish time I’ll be landing in Hyderabad with Pike. I told a friend of mine yesterday that I’m not really worried. I also told that I’m fully (?) aware of the conditions there, so it is not that I would be going there with false assumptions or high hopes. It will be hot, polluted, traffic is ridicilous, there is a big chance that my stomach will protest against the all new cuisine and I don’t know what to expect from the work I’ll be doing. Despite all this I’m looking forward to the whole thing. More about that at the end of this post.

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The farewell party

Yesterday we had a farewell party for me and Tiina, who is going to New Delhi one day before I’m going to Hyderabad. The party was held in Lehtisaari.Farewell party - beginning

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Great Visa news + preparation related blabbering

I’m sure that everybody’s interested to know that I’ll be getting a one-year Visa!! After all the frustration, emails, calling and waiting weeks and weeks for documents I’m finally getting this thing done. The Visa should be finished on Thursday and I should be getting it by mail on Friday, latest on Monday next week.

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I’m not in Kansas anymore (or quite soon will not be)

The more I read about India the more aware I become of the fact that it will be something completely different.

Even a normal tourist trip to this country that overflows all your senses is an exceptional one, an experience you can not forget. Add to that the aspect of working in that country, which is what I will intend to do there for at least six months. I just completed a couple of chapters on business culture. It seems complicated. What I find troublesome is the balance between time conseption, deadlines, getting things done, politeness, friendlyness, eloquence, building good relationships and giving constructive feedback. Indians like to give feedback, but at the same time they are very polite and will not (at least in public) make you loose your face. If something fails it is karma, if it succeeds, it is karma. I am not saying that sarcastically, absolutely not. All this can be seen as a wonderful approach to life: whatever opportunities life has to offer to you, there is not only one point in your life when you are able to sieze that opportunity. Whatever comes, just comes. If not in this life, then in the next one.

I have no idea what I will be eating right now (at dinner time in India, actually) in three weeks time. It might be dal (split lentils) with rice, vegetables, yoghurt and chutney, with perhaps some roti or chappati on the side (both of which are some kind of bread). Of course I will have to use only my right hand for eating, as the left hand is considered unclean (for very obvious reasons, actually…). I might also become a vegetarian, just like most Hindus. Oh, and I’d like some kulfi, Indian ice cream, for desert, please.

Phew… overwhelming. And I’m not even there yet.

By the way, I was not going to get my eight years old tetanus shot renewed as it was considered effective still. However, due to the unfortunate “dive” playing football yesterday I actually got me a one tetanus shot 🙂 So, vaccinationwise, I’m even more than prepared to go. Someone get me on a plane to India!!

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Visa in the making!

Finally, the Indian embassy in Helsinki has started processing my application! I should be getting a half-year Visa now. If I had received a new acceptance note from the company today (there are still a few hours left of today, actually) I would have been able to get a one-year Visa. Damn, I wish I had thought about the whole thing sooner. But then again, I did request the documents exactly one month ago for the first time… But the lady at the embassy told me that it would be easy to get the Visa renewed in India after half a year there. It may mean that I need to step out of India and apply for the Visa in a neighbouring country. Then again, I might be able to renew it in Hyderabad. It depends on the city, I was told 🙂 Haha, India is such a complicated country.

Anyways, I’ll be calling the embassy in a week and inquire about the Visa. At that point I will have just one week to spend in Finland before leaving. I can not imagine how I will be feeling then, but I’m sure I’ll let you know about my feelings in this blog.

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I have been browsing the pictures in our gallery from the past year. I have a lot of stuff going through my mind when I see all the pics from the seminars and other events that I participated in during that time. The past year was, of course, a very significant for me, as the people who knew me of old can definitely guess. I had great expectations about June and my preparation for the traineeship. I got a big pile of books, even a couple of books on Hindi and the Devaganari script! What was I thinking… I’ve just started reading a book on Indian customs and etiquette. I have found the book extremely interesting.

What I have come to realise is that no amount of preparation can prepare me for what I will come across in India. Another realisation is actually only indirectly linked to the traineeship itself: I have realised exactly how much the past year has meant to me. The sheer number of people I have met is staggering. The number and nature of the new experiences I have had… simply amazing. As a dear friend of mine said: “Tästä sun on niiiiiin hyvä jatkaa!”.

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