Murmeli goes India

An AIESEC traineeship in Hyderabad, India


From Darjeeling I carried on to Sikkim, the largely Buddhist north-eastern corner ofApproaching Khangchendzonga India, between Nepal and Bhutan and bordering Tibet in the north. Even more than in the northern part of West Bengal, I felt I was not in India anymore.

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Delhi, Rajasthan and Varanasi

It has been a while since the last post, almost a month! I have beRajasthani camelen to so many places since I was in Nagpur where I wrote the last time that I think I will just write briefly about where I have been. After Nagpur I stopped in Gwalior and Agra before heading to Delhi. In Gwalior I saw a great old fort on a hilltop and in Agra, naturally, the Taj Mahal and the Agra fort. I was impressed by Taj Mahal and spent a couple of hours (all the money’s worth) just gazing at it. Then it was time to move to the capital.

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After the Little Rann Sanctuary visit I have now spent a week (!) in Bhuj, a city in theGirls dressed up for the wedding, Kutch, Gujarat heart of the area known as Kutch. Famous for its handicrafts and the Great Rann of Kutch desert (similar to Little Rann except bigger) it has been through some rough times, including the devastating 2001 earthquake, in which 10% of the city’s population perished. Nevertheless, the people here are enjoying life, they are extremely friendly and welcoming and the ages old traditions of creating the most amazing handicrafts are still strong.

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Fishing boat in the desert, Kutch, GujaratI spent four days in the Little Rann wild ass sanctuary in Gujarat, Western India. It was one of the most memorable experiences of my trip so far. Staying in the desert inspired me to write about many things, including the salt workers (the agaria).

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Maharashtra and Gujarat

kids-in-the-hills.jpgIt has now been a couple of weeks since my visit to Hyderabad. It was great to see my old friends again after more than a month of traveling. After Hyderabad I went to the state of Maharashtra to see the hill stations Mahabaleshwar and Matheran and the city of Pune. The hill stations were nice places. Mahabaleshwar because of nice sceneries and fresh strawberries and Matheran for the ban of all vehicles (including bicycles) making it an extremely pleasant and relaxing place to stay. The city of Pune did not manage to attract me so much, although the restaurants and the multiplex cinema were nice 🙂

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Fortune telling

Last night before going to bed I read in the Traveler’s Tales book about a place close to Pondicherry that is famous for its astrologers. The type of astrThe fortune tellersology they practise is nadi, which basically means reading the future from ancient Tamil (the local language) script, printed on a palm leaf. I could not believe how lucky I was to read about this right here, in Pondicherry, only 100 kilometers away from this astrology headquarters! Anyways, I hopped on my bike this morning, asked people at the restaurant if they know where the place is (it is not in my guide book) and got instructions on how to get there.

I found out that nadi is big business in the town of Vaithiswaran Koil. The street outside the temple was filled with astrologers promoting their services. I ended up paying 500 (!) Rupees for “a general outline of my future”. The whole thing was recorded onto an audio cassette. Now there is a nice souvenir 🙂 I also got my horoscope written down in Tamil. Some important predictions:
– married at 30
– kids at 34 (first a daughter, the second one is a boy)
– something really important and great happens related to work at 51.

Believe it or not 🙂

Colin managed to get tickets to the India-West Indies cricket match tomorrow, so I will be leaving Pondy in the morning for Chennai. I really feel like coming back to Pondy on Sunday (anyways it is only 3,5 hours by bus from Chennai), the place is so lovely. Well, let’s see what happens.

PS. I uploaded pictures from the two weeks after Bangalore to the gallery. Go check them out!

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Pictures from Mumbai online + work

I managed to get the pictures from Mumbai into the gallery. I can not get the videos there because that would require I use certain software to first make my video files smaller and for that I need Pike’s laptop. Pike is coming back from Sri Lanka, although I just read an email from here saying that the return trip has gone exactly as planned. But anyway, she is coming back tomorrow.

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Phew… I have loads to write about this time. So many things have been happening. I’ll Dinner togetherstart with the weekend in Mumbai. I went there with Tobias and Yusuf. The train ride took about 15 hours. We arrived in Mumbai on Saturday morning at about 5.30. Since there is not much you could do that early we just started walking from the station towards the city. We did a walking tour that is recommended by a famous traveling guide book. The trip should take minimum three hours but we completed it in about two because you could not really go inside any of the sights so early in the morning. Well, fortunately one of the biggest sights in Mumbai is the city and its architecture, which can easily be admired without entering the buildings.

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Trip to Vizag

Araku valleyLast weekend I did a trip to Vizag (Visakhapatnam), on the coast of the state of Andhra Pradesh, by the Bay of Bengal. I went there with Tobias, Magda, Eduardo, Yusuf and Stephie. We arrived in Vizag on Saturday morning at about six and started immediately organising the connection to Araku valley, which is supposed to be a picturesque valley about 140 kilometers from the city. We got the train tickets and also booked two cottages in Jungle Bells, a really nice bungalow type hotel close to Araku valley, in the midst of the jungle. I started feeling really bad all of a sudden. I was sweating like a horse and I was terribly tired. I asked Eduardo and Yusuf to take care of the rest of the reservation process and went to be sick in the bathroom. I was so dizzy that I was not walking straight anymore. Luckily this sudden attack of nausea disappeared fast and I was able to get on the train with the others.

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Getting over a viral fever

Phew… it has been a difficult week so far. I came down with a viral fever on Sunday night and I have spent the last two days in bed. I’ll still stay home today and not go to work until tomorrow if I feel OK this evening. I did not have any fever anymore this morning, but I had almost 39 yesterday morning. Pike took me to hospital on Monday evening when my flatmates told me that my face was badly swollen. The doctor prescribed four different pills and said the fever should go away in four to five days. I’m just glad that I did’t get any of those fever diseases that the country is suffering from.

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