Murmeli goes India

An AIESEC traineeship in Hyderabad, India

Touring Tamil Nadu

My bike in OotyAfter Bangalore I have been touring Tamil Nadu, the southernmost state of India. First I went to Ooty, which is a hill station close to Karnataka border. The town is at 2200 meters which makes it a very chilly place to be this time of year. It felt like home, really. I had to buy a pair of gloves to keep myself warm during the day. At night ITea pickers in Ooty stayed firmly under three thick blankets. The surroundings, once you get out of the congested and dirty town, are simply wonderful. I went sightseeing on a motorbike, actually, with an English guy, Colin, who was staying at the same guest house. We drove about 100 kilometers on two different days. I will try to get some pictures here soon.

After Ooty I went to Madurai with Colin. From there I made a day trip to Rameswaram, which is less than 100 kilometers from Sri Lanka! I walked along Adam’s Bridge, a set of reefs and dunes, closer to Sri Lanka and found myself in a fishing village. The village had been destroyed by a cyclone in the 60’s. Now the village only consists of simple huts of the fishermen and their families, but the ruins of the old village are still visible. The scenery and atmosphere are amazing and a bit eerie.

From Rameswaram we went to Kanyakumari, the south tip of India, Land’s End, as it is called. There is really not much there, so we were there only for a day and took a train in the evening to Trichy. Trichy has some interesting temples to see, so we stayed there for one night. After Trichy Colin went east to see his friends from the Tsunami relief projecBroken churcht in which he worked here last year. I came to Pondicherry, North-East of Trichy, on the way to Chennai. Pondy is an old French settlement, and the French influence is very visible here. There are many bakeries selling French bread and pasteries, most street names are French and there are many French restaurants. The place attracts a lot of foreigners because of its Frenchness and also because there is a very famous ashram here, where people can study or practice yoga.

I have a motorbike here as well, the same type that I used to ride in Ooty. The mostly French part of the city is a wonderful place to drive around, especially if you can avoid the rush hours. I think I will stay here for a couple of days at least. On Saturday I will go to Chennai (about 3 hours away by bus) to see India play West Indies 🙂 I have never seen cricket before, let’s see what I think about it. This particular match is supposedly a very, very big one, so I am sure it will be an experience not to miss.


January 25, 2007 - Posted by | Traveling in India

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