Murmeli goes India

An AIESEC traineeship in Hyderabad, India

The end of the traineeship



On Monday night we went to Little Italy in Banjara Hills to have a farewell dinner. It was also a farewell for Fatima, who is leaving next week after her Goa holiday. The food was great as always and we had fun. The autorikshaws in Hyderabad were on strike yesterday, apparently demanding a two Rupee raise in the starting price, which caused some stress about the transportation of all the 15+ people to the site. At the end we managed to get everybody there and back.

Last weekend I was in Ajanta and Ellora the second time, this time with my girlfriend, Pike, Yusuf, Michael and Tobias. It was a fun trip and I also saw the Daulatabad Fort which I did not see the first time I was there. It was fun to go for a weekend trip with my friends for the last time. Sure, I am going to travel with other people over Christmas, New Year and then with my girlfriend for the first two weeks of January, but there is still some unexplainable charm to the weekend trips. The two nights on the train, one night in the destination, the slight stress of leaving the place on Sunday evening, chilling out on the train after asuccesfull trip on Sunday night, getting back to work on Monday morning… It was nice to get that experience once more.

This week I spent a lot of time at the office just writing email, browsing the internet, sorting out my travel insurance for next year and so on. Nothing really work related. I do not really mind anymore, although I kind of had a bad conscious about not working, not living up to the expectations of the company. Now at the end I do have the feeling that thetraineeship was not a very succesfull one. It is not only because of all the cancelled projects and the other hardships, but also because the goals I set at the beginning or in Finland were not really fulfilled. I realised this yesterday when I filled in the post-traineeship measurements of AIESEC and reviewing the pre-traineeship measurements I had done earlier. Before the traineeship I selected three personal goals from a predetermined list of goals. My professional goals were about maintaining a good level of energy despite setbacks, adapting my behavior when working with people from different cultures and, lastly, to plan and set priorities on a personal and team level. I think the fact that I stayed in the company despite some hard times proves that I was able to remain energetic and motivated enough. I guess I also changed my behavior a bit in order to work better with the people here. I have to admit though that communication was one of the biggest problems in getting the most out of the work.


The work really has not been the most relevant part of my stay here. Sure, when I am asked what I did India or why I went there in the first place, I say that I did atraineeship there. That is true, but the traineeship , that is, the work, is not the thing that I will remember my stay by. Nevertheless, it was an enriching and enlightening experience, which is basically all you need. It does not really matter if the experience is good or bad, as long as there is something you can learn from it.

Yesterday I read my whole blog, all the posts, from the past six months starting from the posts I wrote when I was still in Finland. It gave a really strong feeling of nostalgia, naturally. I read about all the trips I have done, the anticipation when I was still in Finland, the first days at work, the difficult times and the good times. I can imagine very well the first days when I was here, going to theinternet cafe on Road 12 after work, chatting with my friends, telling that I feel OK when I was actually a bit afraid about how I could ever come to terms with this place. Luckily I did.

Tomorrow at this time I will be in Cochin, Kerala, with Tobias and Brittany. Johannes will join us later. We have not made any definitive plans yet but we have some options about how to spend time. Spending one night on a house boat is a must, of course. A couple of days ago I bought some stuff for the trip. I bought a big, warm blanket, a woolly hat, a sweater, a new towel and a chain to lock the backpack to the bed on the trains. The train rides are really cold this time of year so a blanket is a necessity. I will also need plenty of warm clothes in the hill stations in Tamil Nadu , because there it is a lot colder still. Tonight I have to pack and say hi to a couple of people I won’t be seeing in a while. The flight is at 7.40 in the morning, so we will have an early wake-up. Then, if everything goes as planned, I will not be seeing Hyderabad in a while.

I got the work certificate but it did not make me feel very good. The first version was horrible, basically without a single good thing about me. The second one was better, but it still contains these sentences: “Should improve coordination and communication with the team members and superiors” and “Better dedication at his work is necessary and similarly more commitment and initiative needed”. So, what do you think, can I get a job using this reference? I am not totally sure. I will get a xerox of the certificate and Toby will go with the other trainees after holidays to speak about it to the bosses. Perhaps they can make a difference. I appreciate the effort. I really do. I should not have signed the certificate, even after the changes between the first and the second version. Just call me a damn fool. I somehow appreciated the effort that the HR manager made when changing the certificate so much that I was, well, very grateful and I was willing to accept the new version. I did not think about showing it to my future recruiters. I just did not think.

I am going to go home now. I will stop by somewhere on the way and get something nice for my girlfriend for Christmas. I will get some fast-food from Kaman , pack in the evening, see my girlfriend, give a goodbye (until we meet again in one week) kiss and go to sleep. Early in the morning I fly to celebrate Christmas and New Year with my friends. It all sounds very nice. Am I happy right now? No. Will I be happy again at some point? Most definitely yes. But you know, it is the happiness right now that often matters the most. Or, actually, it is the happiness in the future that matters, or the unhappiness now that matters. When can I get over that feeling that there is great happiness waiting for me around the corner, and instead see it in every single moment, no matter how grey it may seem…

Many messages have been sent this afternoon between me and my girlfriend. The last one says: “And don’t tell me that a f@!@#78 certificate can screw your career.” I think she has a point. I like her. This is the end of my traineeship.



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  1. Howdy!

    it’s been fun reading all the things that has happened to you. Stop worrying and have fun. Merry christmas to you and your girlfriend.

    Comment by Ville | December 24, 2006 | Reply

  2. Hi,

    I have kept following the blog and indeed a lot has happened during the traineeship time. I quess it’s really hard to summarise all of it in the blog, but you sure did good work writing some of it down.

    Hold your head up and high, I know that you do professional quality work. Traineeship abroad is a really big plus in global world of IT nowdays.

    Happy christmas to both of you.

    Comment by Tuukka | December 25, 2006 | Reply

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