Murmeli goes India

An AIESEC traineeship in Hyderabad, India

Pictures from Mumbai online + work

I managed to get the pictures from Mumbai into the gallery. I can not get the videos there because that would require I use certain software to first make my video files smaller and for that I need Pike’s laptop. Pike is coming back from Sri Lanka, although I just read an email from here saying that the return trip has gone exactly as planned. But anyway, she is coming back tomorrow.

At work things are again getting a bit frustrating. I finally had a chat with the big boss
about my project. We found out that we have been doing something totally useless for the past month or so. Apparently the guy who was fired last Saturday was actually not so aware of all the things going on in the company, that is, their products, architecture etc. The instructions he gave to me and my team considering our project were totally incorrect. So we ended up wasting our time. Now our task is to finish the current project with minimal effort (takes one or two days) and then start thinking about another, bigger project, in which also Tobias would take part.

I am disappointed since I did a lot of work in planning the application and my team had
already finished a big part of it and we had had fun working on it. Looks like I will not
finish a single project during my traineeship.

Today Tobias saw the administrator guy looking at an article in the on-line edition of
The Hindu. The article was about the fire safety in the building where also our office is
located. The fire department had declared the building an unsafe place. Tobias asked for
the link to the article and the administrator copied him the text and made a Word document out of it. Then Tobias read the article and came to me to show it too. The administrator came to us a few minutes later and asked us to close the document. We did so and when Tobias went back to his own PC the administrator was there, deleting a copy of the document that Tobias had placed on his desktop. Then the copy was deleted from the shared network drive also. The administrator said he does that so that the “rumour” does not spread. Well it is not a rumour anymore, it is a fact! Sigh… sometimes the way things work here just makes me sick! You can find the article here. UPDATE (15.11.06): Yesterday we realized that the article was actually from 2003. Still, it seems that nothing has changed in the building, so me and Tobias are going to go talk about this with the boss today.

I bought some souvenirs today from two shops close to work. I went there first after lunch with Tobias and he got this fantastic idea that we’d be better off not telling that we are working here. If we say that we are just travelling then the shop might be keener on selling us stuff for better price because they would think we can not come there again. Maybe there is some logic there, I am not sure 🙂 Anyways, I went to a shop right next to the one I visited with Toby and bought a little something from there. Then I went to the shop we had been to and the shop keeper of course asked me what I had bought from the other shop! Even if we had similar shops right next to each other in Finland, the shop keepers could not care less about what the customer buys in the shop next door. I don’t like them asking questions about my consumer behaviour. Just like I don’t like shaking hands with the guy who has a small (really small) grocery shop close to our flat in Banjara Hills. I just am not interested in making that kind of ties to people I just purchase stuff from. Anyway, the point was that of course I had to continue the story that Tobias had begun in the first shop. So I had to lie, a lot! Man, I haven’t made up such ridiculous lies in as long as I can remember. But I am sure I would have lost the good deal I got, had I told the truth (after lying in the first place). In both places I got 25% off the requested price, so I was pleased with the haggling today. It is usually very hard for me. In the second place I got the price I wanted by saying that I only have that much money + rikshaw money with me. It worked.

At the end of the day I have really mixed emotions again. It looks like the traineeship has
again taken a turn for the worse. Then again, it has done that many times already and every time it has gotten better, one way or another. The thing is that I do not really have that much faith in the company right now, it just seems a bit too confusing at the moment. Anyways, I hope I am able to make good use of the remaining traineeship so that it does not go to waste.


November 14, 2006 - Posted by | Being a trainee, Indian life, Pictures from India

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  1. Thanks for visiting us in Mumbai! The pictures are very nice. If I don’t soon get to publish some new pictures on my blog, I guess I’ll just put a link to your site 🙂 And thank you once more about the medical information, that was a big relief.

    I’m sure it’s frustrating if the work you’ve done seems useless again. We are also facing some problems with one principal, but just trying to focus on the good things. All the best with job and everything!

    Comment by Tiina | November 15, 2006 | Reply

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