Murmeli goes India

An AIESEC traineeship in Hyderabad, India


I will be sending a few postcards as well as three parcels to Finland. I consider them Christmas greetings and gifts, even though I have no idea how soon or late they arrive if I send them next week. Anywho, I had to do some selection when deciding who to send something. In the category “potential receivers” I had tons of people, and of those people I had to choose those lucky few who get something. Believe me, if you got into the “potential receivers” group you are already a very good friend of mine. Then if before Christmas you receive something, well… you can consider yourself lucky also 🙂 So please do not send me hatemail for not getting a greeting. I hold you all (you know who you are) very dear and I wish I could send something to everybody.

I have a suggestion for you. When Christmas time comes along, I want to see a lot of comments from all you people in my blog. This is the first time ever in my life that I will be spending Christmas somewhere else than in my childhood home, so I will most likely be very sentimental about it. And perhaps a bit sad too. But all of you can alleviate my homesickness by dropping a line in my blog and wishing me merry Christmas when it is time for that. I promise I will write a counter comment to each comment I get.

Nothing much else going on at the moment. Next weekend we are going to go to Mysore, which is a nice city close to Bangalore. We have RAC (reserved against cancellation) train tickets, so we might have to share beds. No matter. I have started planning what I will do next year. My traineeship will end in January and I am planning to do some traveling after that. The big plan is to go from Kanyakumari (the southernmost tip of India) all the way up to Jammu. In fact there is a train that does this trip: the Himsagar Express cuts through India (3734 kilometers) in a mere 66 hours 🙂 But I am planning to crisscross the country in a more thorough way, which will take 4-6 months. Don’t know exactly how long yet, but I will keep you posted on that, of course. It would be the biggest trip I have ever done and it feels both exciting and intimidating at the same time. But I remember one piece of advice somebody once gave me: you ensure your plans materialize by making them public.


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Pictures from Mumbai online + work

I managed to get the pictures from Mumbai into the gallery. I can not get the videos there because that would require I use certain software to first make my video files smaller and for that I need Pike’s laptop. Pike is coming back from Sri Lanka, although I just read an email from here saying that the return trip has gone exactly as planned. But anyway, she is coming back tomorrow.

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Phew… I have loads to write about this time. So many things have been happening. I’ll Dinner togetherstart with the weekend in Mumbai. I went there with Tobias and Yusuf. The train ride took about 15 hours. We arrived in Mumbai on Saturday morning at about 5.30. Since there is not much you could do that early we just started walking from the station towards the city. We did a walking tour that is recommended by a famous traveling guide book. The trip should take minimum three hours but we completed it in about two because you could not really go inside any of the sights so early in the morning. Well, fortunately one of the biggest sights in Mumbai is the city and its architecture, which can easily be admired without entering the buildings.

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Trip to Vizag

Araku valleyLast weekend I did a trip to Vizag (Visakhapatnam), on the coast of the state of Andhra Pradesh, by the Bay of Bengal. I went there with Tobias, Magda, Eduardo, Yusuf and Stephie. We arrived in Vizag on Saturday morning at about six and started immediately organising the connection to Araku valley, which is supposed to be a picturesque valley about 140 kilometers from the city. We got the train tickets and also booked two cottages in Jungle Bells, a really nice bungalow type hotel close to Araku valley, in the midst of the jungle. I started feeling really bad all of a sudden. I was sweating like a horse and I was terribly tired. I asked Eduardo and Yusuf to take care of the rest of the reservation process and went to be sick in the bathroom. I was so dizzy that I was not walking straight anymore. Luckily this sudden attack of nausea disappeared fast and I was able to get on the train with the others.

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