Murmeli goes India

An AIESEC traineeship in Hyderabad, India


Last weekend I went to Bangalore with Toby. Bangalore is about 600 kilometers south of Hyderabad. It too, just like Hyderabad, is riding the IT wave, and is doing that even better than Hyderabad. The city is said to be one of the most progressive ones in India and I can agree with that statement 100%. The center of the city, being the MG Road area along with Brigade road and Church street, is filled with restaurants, shops and cafeterias. That does not sound like anything special for a person living in the Western part of the world, but for a person living in Hyderabad it is quite a big deal. Shops and other places for consuming Rupees are concentrated in a relatively small area and they are easy to get to because there are sidewalks everywhere.

Anyways, the reason to go to Bangalore this weekend was that my friend Tiina, from Jyväskylä/New Delhi was there. Tobias has a friend there as well, doing an AIESEC traineeship. We got to spend the night in the trainee flat. The flat was really great, housing 13 guys at the moment, in two floors. They even have cable TV and wireless Internet!

On Saturday we went to play paintball! The manager of the place claimed it to be the only public paintball area in India.Paintball! Don’t know if that’s true though. There were eight of us playing and it was really cool. After the war we headed back home. I had arranged a meeting with Tiina in the Barista coffee house on MG road at 7.00 so I just had a quick shower and took an auto to the city. I met Tiina and her friends finally (after first going to the wrong Barista, the city just has too many cafeterias…) and we went to have a steak dinner. From there we continuedGirls at Leela Palace night club to a night club in the Leela Palace (a five star hotel). After this we tried to get to a house party where Toby and his friends already were, but we could not get in, because it was a private party. For some odd reason Toby and his friends had gotten in even though their names were no more on the name list than ours. I also met a Finnish girl, Sonja, who has started her traineeship in Bangalore not so long ago. She had been reading my blog before coming to India 😀 Ain’t that cool. This means that I actually have readers!! On Sunday I went to get a cup of coffee and a sugar donut from the Barista just around the corner from the trainee flat (oh, the luxury!) and at about noon we went to the Leela Palace buffet. The buffet costs 1500 Rupees, including the food, soft drinks, coffee and alcohol. Leela Palace buffetFunnily enough, bottled water was not included, and we ended up paying 110 Rupees per one liter of water 😀 Considering that it is 12 Rupees on the streets, you could say the price was through the roof. The food was really great and since it is an expensive buffet you tend to eat a lot. Consequently, I was not really hungry even the morning after 🙂 Pictures from the buffet and other stuff can be found in the gallery.
Many people from Bangalore, many trainees from Hyd and Tiina and her friends from Delhi (maybe also Tuure!) are going to Goa this weekend. Toby was also going to go now that he found out his friends from Bangalore are going, but it is beginning to look pretty grim as far as the holidays are concerned. I, for one, will not get any holiday anymore. The company developed a holiday policy out-of-the-blue last week when we started asking for leaves. They calculated that I have spent my whole holiday quota already (actually +1 day even) and in order to get more I would have to either work some Saturdays or lengthen my traineeship by six months. I don’t think so. Actually they even said that since I am now a team leader I should attend the weekly meetings every Saturday (!). Let’s see what happens about that.

The things work funnily at work sometimes. Today I thought I had a pretty good day, I did a lot of stuff and I was feeling good and my team was feeling good too. We were also pretty optimistic about our project. One minute before I was about to leave the office my boss (or something, I don’t really understand the hierarchy anymore) came to tell me that I will be changing to another project tomorrow. Apparently they already have two Indian guys working on the same project I had been ordered to plan and carry out. Does not make much sense. Well, I will see tomorrow what I will be doing with the team.

I need to go sleep now, it is pretty late. I am sure there was still something I should and liked to have mentioned, but I can not remember what. Well, maybe it was not anything too important.

Take care. Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do.


October 16, 2006 - Posted by | Being a trainee, Indian life, Pictures from India, Traveling in India


  1. Thanks for visiting! I’m spending my last evening in Bangalore, tomorrow we’ll head for Goa. Yes, I’m excited 🙂 All the best to Hyderabad!

    Comment by Tiina | October 18, 2006 | Reply

  2. hi Mikko!

    I won’t do anything that you wouldn’t! No worries my friend! 😉 Good to know that all’s well with you. I read you blog every now and then to catch up with your experiences in the land far away. Enjoy life and take care!

    Comment by Kirsi | October 23, 2006 | Reply

  3. Hi, Accidentally came across your blog though couldn’t read much as its already 1:30 am here and Monday morning fever is already catching up. Nonetheless, the post above and the one on Last Day in India were a wonderful read – I really liked the way you’ve created the positive picture of India.

    Once again thanks for the posts… I think I’ll be coming here for more, once in a while, to read more on Finland.

    Comment by Satti | August 3, 2008 | Reply

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