Murmeli goes India

An AIESEC traineeship in Hyderabad, India

Work is better now. Homesickness

Work is better again, which makes me really glad. I am still under a lot of pressure since I’m both planning our project and trying to lead a team at the same time. So I have a team before there is really something to give them to do… that is tough. The project has now taken its hopefully final form and I was able to start doing more planning today. My project manager’s idea was that my team members should do most of the planning themselves but I think that is very hard to do since they are so inexperienced. I want to learn planning and design so I will do that (with a lot of help from Tobias) and my team can learn interpreting diagrams and programming. My team was actually taken apart, but only geographically. They thought Yusuf and Stephie were just a bit too loud together so they have ordered them to sit separately, in different rooms, from now on. Too bad for the sake of team dynamics.

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Getting over a viral fever

Phew… it has been a difficult week so far. I came down with a viral fever on Sunday night and I have spent the last two days in bed. I’ll still stay home today and not go to work until tomorrow if I feel OK this evening. I did not have any fever anymore this morning, but I had almost 39 yesterday morning. Pike took me to hospital on Monday evening when my flatmates told me that my face was badly swollen. The doctor prescribed four different pills and said the fever should go away in four to five days. I’m just glad that I did’t get any of those fever diseases that the country is suffering from.

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Last weekend I went to Bangalore with Toby. Bangalore is about 600 kilometers south of Hyderabad. It too, just like Hyderabad, is riding the IT wave, and is doing that even better than Hyderabad. The city is said to be one of the most progressive ones in India and I can agree with that statement 100%. The center of the city, being the MG Road area along with Brigade road and Church street, is filled with restaurants, shops and cafeterias. That does not sound like anything special for a person living in the Western part of the world, but for a person living in Hyderabad it is quite a big deal. Shops and other places for consuming Rupees are concentrated in a relatively small area and they are easy to get to because there are sidewalks everywhere.

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Trip to Hampi

Last weekend I did a trip to Hampi, in the state of Karnataka. I went there with Tobias, Kevin from downstairs and two of Kevin’s friends from his office, Leila from Germany and Brittany from the US. Hampi is an ancient city of ruins, temples and boulders. The landscape is filled with rocks as far as the eye can see. The sight is something that is not easy to describe with words. I’ve attached a few photos to make it clearer. More photos in the gallery, as usual.

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Back from holiday, difficult times at work

I’m back from our holiday in Thailand and Malaysia. We said bye bye to Claire in Kuala Lumpur on Monday and flew to Bangkok for one more night before flying back to Hyderabad. Last group picture In Bangkok we indulged ourselves in a steak/beef dinner with a beautiful, fresh salad starter. Sadly Eduardo was not there to enjoy the last night with us, since he came to Bangkok on an earlier flight and we did not meet each other until Tuesday morning. Funnily enough he was actually staying in the same hostel with us but we only found that out the next morning when he came to greet us. He had slipped a note under the door but we accidentally ignored it.

Coco Hut, Ko PhanganAnyways… I’ve put some pictures from the holiday in the gallery. I won’t bother to try to explain each phase of the trip in detail. Instead I’ll let the pictures (and the captions) speak for themselves. It suffices to say that the tripWaterfalls in Kanchanaburi was a success. We had so much fun together. I loved the national park and its waterfalls in Kanchanaburi, the clean metropolis of Kuala Lumpur with its excellent public transportation and nice parks. The islands in Thailand were really cool too.

At home we were surprised to find that we had gotten the new lock for our door, finally! This Saturday we also got the furniture changed, finally. That had been in process for over a month. Nobody really knows anymore the reasons behind changing the furniture, because the new furniture is actually much worse than the old one. We also have less stuff now than before. The beds are less comfortable too.

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