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Traveling in Thailand continues

Hello. I am now on the Ko Phangan island. We like the place so much that we might skip Ko Samui altogether. We will stay here for a couple more days and then head down to Malaysia and Singapore. Yesterday we attended the half-moon party (a smaller cousin of the world-famous full-moon party). I left the jungle at 4.30 AM but Eduardo, Claire and Tobias stayed there. They came back to our guest house after seven 🙂 The weather is excellent, it is hot and sunny and the beach is crystal clear. Food is more expensive than in India but I am still getting by on a daily budget of about 1200-1300 Thailand Baht (about 26 Euro) which buys me accommodation by the sea, meals, transportation.. everything. The place where we are staying is not really a budget place, but it is in a beautiful location, the restaurant is nice (though expensive), there is a free swimming pool and a Thai massage parlour (not free, but anyway). We have done plenty of snorkeling, which is extremely cool. The see is very deep very close to the beach, which makes snorkeling here a dream.

That’s all. Internet here is expensive, 2 Baht per minute, so I won’t stay on-line any longer. I’ll go take a walk on the beach instead and maybe do some swimming too. Bye!


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  1. Just a quick comment, I’m in a hurry.

    As everybody must have heard, the military organised a coup in Bangkok a couple of days ago. Everything seems to be alright now and the locals in Thailand said things should become fairly normal in three days. Thailand has faced close to 20 revolutions after the 1930’s, so this is nothing new to them. Apparently the current prime minister is quite corrupted. This seemed to be the general concept of him amongst the people and the press (judging from the very little time I spent talking to the people and reading the paper today).

    I will try to get back on this in a later post. We are now on the Penang island in North-West Malaysia. The population is largely Chinese on the island and we are staying in the Chinatown area actually. Claire would have liked to go to the beaches in the north, but – sadly for her – majority rules and we stayed in the city of Georgetown.

    Now we gotta go to have something to eat and also enquire about where to get scooters for tomorrow. The trip around the island on scooters sounds like great fun.

    Comment by murmeli | September 21, 2006 | Reply

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