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An AIESEC traineeship in Hyderabad, India

Trip to Goa – part 1

Greetings from Goa! I spent one great week in this famous holiday state with Jaana and her friends. I traveled there through Bangalore, which might seem odd, but a direct flight from Hyd would have cost me 10 000 Rupees and I did not want to spend 16 hours (bus) or 22 hours (train) traveling there. So, I got a train to Bangalore and a flight from there to Goa.

When I arrived in Goa on Monday the weather was very gray and rainy. Nevertheless, I started going towards Southern Goa and the village of Palolem, to which Jaana was on her way already. Outside the airport I met two Swiss girls who were on their way to Palolem too. With the help of the overly eager taxi driver we decided to share a taxi to Palolem. After some bargaining we agreed on a price of 200 Rupees per person, which is not bad for 70 kilometers in a taxi.

Palolem is a rather nice place in the south. It, as is the case with many other resorts there, is a small village with a few roads and loads of restaurants and hotels. Jaana arrived there shortly after me and all seven of us found accommodation in very simple huts on the beach. Well they did not have a beach view actually, but anyways. The first night there we had dinner in an Italian restaurant and also a nightly swim in the Arabian Sea!

Next day after breakfast we decided to take scooters and go driving. Scooters and motorbikes are an extremely popular way to travel in Goa, because the distances are so small and the nice landscape is easiest to enjoy when you’re on your bike and you can stop wherever you want. But our first scooter drive was not very pleasant. Out of five scooters two met with accidents. In the second accident one of us actually hit a pedestrian from behind. Nobody got hurt too badly, fortunately for everybody. This brought the mood down for everybody, but we did not let that bother us for too long.

So far the weather had been OK. It was mainly gray and we had some rain, but I had expected something even worse. We are still in the rainy season anyway.

On Wednesday we left Palolem and took a jeep up north to Anjuna. Anjuna is a big party place and has the biggest club in Goa. On the beach, of course. Now the place was silent because of the rainy season, but Jaana’s Finnish friends from Jaipur had told her that on Monday there had been a huge and wild hippie party in a beach-side bar/restaurant. We went to that very place for dinner. I ate shark!

On Thursday we again decided to get on some scooters and go exploring the neighborhood. We went to Vagator, Chapora and up north via Siolim and found some really nice places. I know, those places may not say much if you have not been to Goa 🙂 I might try to put a map into the gallery at some point. I will also post some pictures as soon as possible. They might tell more than anything I ever write here.

In the next part I’ll write about the rest of the trip, which included the capitol of Goa and some more scootering with Ben, Magera and Elizabeth.


August 20, 2006 - Posted by | Traveling in India

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