Murmeli goes India

An AIESEC traineeship in Hyderabad, India

Fires, rocks, residential permits

I spent today assisting the new Colombian trainees (Angela, David and Julian) and my flatmate Tobias (Germany) at the High Commissioner’s office in the old city, where foreigners need to register within two weeks after coming to the country. A failure to do so results in a 30-50$ fine. You are obliged to do this if you are staying in the country for longer than 180 days, and many people, including the local LC, say that you should do it anyway…

We ended up filling the forms by hand because we did not find a typist outside the commissioner’s office who could fill the forms for us. People always try to direct you to someone who can help, but many times they give completely pointless advice. They don’t do it on purpose, I think, but it is very frustrating. We finally got the papers filled and went to the office at about 12. We left the office at five. We got the registration done and I got the residential permit (even though they first redeemed it impossible today, “come back tomorrow”, they said. You need to ask many people, one person just can not know everything).

Tobias has an excellent picture of the required paperwork in his blog.

I had chicken biryani for lunch, but the others did not eat anything because they considered the place too filthy to have lunch in. Two days ago I learned (from Tomi’s blog) that you could actually drink a sip of tap water everyday to get your immune system accustomed to the new environment. Well, luckily I’ve spent only one day in bed sick so far.

Tonight we are going to attend a Hindu wedding, as I have many times advertised already. Looking forward to it, I’m sure it will be great.

Last night we went out to a bar in Begumpet, an area of Hyd north of here. The place was astonishingly chilly, which gave a whole new meaning to “chilling out”. It was cold! We went there because ladies drink there for free until ten 🙂 My night was not entirely succesfull, because I kind of burned my new shoes. Waiter spilled some liquid on our table and lit it on fire. This they do to entertain the customers. It is OK as such, of course, but some of that spilled on my shoes and the left one caught fire. I put the flames out with my hand (was not feeling extra smart at the time) and burned my finger a bit too. I discussed the incident with the manager and the waiter and demanded we at least get the drinks for free that night and a compensation for the shoes would not hurt either. But Claire convinced me to settle for two free bears and an apology, saying that the waiter would surely get fired if I complained. So I let it go and even shook the waiter’s hand on the way out and said I’m OK. Made me feel good anyway. By the way, it is extremely disturbing to go to a bar and buy a beer for 150 Rupees, when outside there are millions (hundreds of millions in all of India in total) of people who are asking you for just one or two Rupees to get something to eat.

Argh, what a stupid headline this post has 🙂 Anyways, the rock part. Somebody had thrown a rock through the window of mine and Michael’s room sometime today. Had to clean the bed of glass before being able to come here with Pike’s laptop to write. Sigh. The furniture issue is still unsolved. We need to change all the furniture because they are going to some other flat in this same building. The owner of the furniture has guest houses here and he wants to have this furniture in some other flat. Sigh.


August 10, 2006 - Posted by | Being a trainee, Indian life

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