Murmeli goes India

An AIESEC traineeship in Hyderabad, India

Note about the pictures & today’s lunch

And after an hour setting these up here I realise that they don’t work like they should, that is, you can’t open a bigger picture by clicking the picture. Sorry, don’t have energy right now to start working on that.

I’ll try to arrange that I can get the pictures into AIESEC’s gallery instead of trying to set them up in the blog. The blog is ok for a couple of shots, but no more than that…

Today I ate Thali, the South Indian version of it actually. It had this very thin bread-like thing, curry, chutney (vegetable and chili made into something that resembles mustard), curd and something called sambar (in a little bowl just like the curd).

I realised today that Indians work on Saturdays as well. However a colleague at work seemed to imply that no one would really care if I did not do that. Of course I will work on Saturdays as well. Anyways, we are planning to go to Chirupati next week’s weekend to see some temples and stuff, so I’ll miss Saturday work then.

The wedding thing did not work eventually. We did other stuff and did not go, and the actual wedding today would have been in Secuderabad, the other half of this place that is called the Twin Cities, Hyd being the other half.


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  1. Have you eaten any meat at all there? 😉

    Comment by karo | July 6, 2006 | Reply

  2. I ate meat on Monday when I went to the Chinese restaurant for lunch on my own. There I had sweet and sour chicken. After that I have eaten with friends at work and I guess they don’t eat meat so I’ve done the same. It would be easy to become a vegetarian here almost unconsciously because veggie food is all around and it is very good and nourishing.

    It is possible to have meat here though. On the street where we live there is a nice restaurant called Ohri’s where you can even have some kind of hamburgers! The mutton (= lamb) biryani is supposedly very good, I have to try that some day. However, it is not possible to buy fresh meat anywhere in the city so that you could cook yourself. That is my impression at least and a flatmate of mine said so yesterday too. Also a shop selling toilet paper is yet to be found. That is why we keep going to the toilets in Pizza Hut, to “borrow” some 🙂

    Comment by Murmeli | July 7, 2006 | Reply

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