Murmeli goes India

An AIESEC traineeship in Hyderabad, India

First pictures

OK, you asked for it.

The pictures I have now are not that fancy. I don’t even have any from our flat, damn… Still you do get some kind of an idea about the place with these.

Air route on the plane monitor The excitement was beginning to build up when the airplane monitor showed how close to Hyd we are.
Pike is excited Especially Pike was excited 🙂

At the airport getting luggage This is from the airport. You could already sense that you’ll be meeting a few people in this city… And the traffic was chaotic already here 🙂

View from flat at night 2

View from flat at night 1 Here are a couple of pictures from the view in our flat. I need to take some daytime shots as well as pictures inside and also of my flatmates so that you get a better idea about the place.

Wedding decorations 1

These two pictures are from the alley leading to our flat. There was aWedding decorations 2 wedding going on in one of the houses so they had done some decarating. When Indians get married they do it for real (sorry about the pun…). Actually, they can be deeply in dept after the wedding!

Here is one month’s rent at our flat, 3000 Rupees.Rent

Traffic from close to where I work 1Traffic from close to where I work 2Here are two pictures from the streets. This is very close to where I work.

Tommy HillfigerTommy Hillfiger would be furious if he knew how his brand was treated here.

And next we have some people, finally. All of these guys helped me find the money exchange point.

Boy        Boy's friend and some other people


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