Murmeli goes India

An AIESEC traineeship in Hyderabad, India

Landing & first impressions

Well, here we are then.

I landed at the Hyderabad International airport on Saturday at about 23.20. The temperature outside was roughly 30C. Everything went well at the airport even though I was carrying way too much alcohol with me, you know, as a present to our Indian friends. We were picked up by two guys who took us through the hellish traffic to our home. We were supposed to go stay with an AIESECcer at first but that did not happen. We were instead taken directly to our trainee flat on Road n:o 12.

The flat is quite nice. There are four rooms, um… 8 people or so. There are so many trainees here coming and going that it is hard to keep track of all of them. Three bathrooms, which is nice. There are also ants, but that’s OK. The first flatmate we met was Clare, who is from Ireland. She’s great. Then there are Eduardo and Michael (flew to Germany for a month yesterday though), a Chinese girl called Chi (or something) and me and Pike. Downstairs there is another trainee flat where there are a few more trainees. Several flats for over 100 trainees exist in the city in fact.

In the flat there are two nice balconies, a nice open kitchen and a nice, roomy living room. The view from the balcony is very Indian. It is not pretty. You have shacks with poor people there, a mosk (that wakes you up at about five, but it is not too loud though) some higher residental houses and the small palaces of the wealthy. We have a “watch lady” downstairs. She lives there and usually sleeps on the concrete by the entrance to the parking area that is the ground floor. She also cleans our flat. She is paid 500 rupees a month for the watching and the cleaning.

Night is filled with the barking and howling of the dogs who get to fights with each other constantly. Or then they are smarter than we think and they just don’t want us to sleep. I’m slowly getting used to it though. The wind has been really strong here and it is howling in the corners of the flat all the night. Still, getting used to that too. Actually I slept quite well last night thanks to ear plugs.

I just asked the administrator of this place how many rupees 15 dollars is. The administration program at this internet cafe shows the cost of surfing in dollars but it actually means rupees. If it really was dollars this cafe might as well in Switzerland. Fuck. I constantly have that feeling of not belonging, just when I said in the last post that I feel that I belong somewhere. But you come here and you do stuff and most of the stuff you do at first is done with lots of anxiety and shyness. The meter now shows 17 rupees, which is about 30 Euro cents. Not bad for 33 minutes of surfing.

More stories coming in a few minutes about being a trainee and the first couple of days here.


July 3, 2006 - Posted by | Arrival in India

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