Murmeli goes India

An AIESEC traineeship in Hyderabad, India

First day at work & being a trainee

As I told in an earlier post, I was not helped at all by AIESEC to find the work place. It was the same with Pike and we were both really angry about the whole thing this morning. Someone will here about this… Hyd reception should be one of the best in all of India…

I found my work place by calling to the company. I asked how much it should cost on an auto to get there so that I won’t get screwed. I was asked for 100 rupees, but I ended up paying 70. I was told on the phone it would be something like 50-60. Well, actually I gave the driver 100 (less than 2 Euros) for his efforts since he asked for directions a few times. I still had to ask for directions a couple of times before I found the place after getting out of the auto. The office is on the 11. floor in a building that would be torn down if it was found in Finland. The air conditioning (fans in the ceiling) are on full power. More air came in through the windows. People work in two big rooms, side by side. The managing director and other managers are in their own rooms. The working hours are fixed. I have to be there at 9.30 and work ends at 18.30. So that’s 8 hours of work with a one-hour lunch from 13.00 to 14.00. Today I ate chinese food (rice and sweet and sour chicken more than I could eat, 159 Rupees, 3 Euros, a bit expensive) for lunch right opposite to the office.

I was surprised to find that they gave me real work straight away. The managing director was also very “ambitious” on my behalf, saying that mobile computing is the future and learning that area will benefit me in the future. I heard about technical traineeships that were disasters in the sense that the trainee spent the days reading email and browsing the internet. I also spoke to a collegue who has also just started working on the technology I’ll be working with. The project manager who instructed me today seems like a nice guy as well. There is all the tea and coffee you can drink there but no paper in the toilet, just like in no other toilet (expect for Pizza Hut, from which we sometimes “borrow” some). Today there was also no water in the toilet. I was instructed to get some water from a bucket with a mug and wash my hands like that. Whatever. It is India. Maybe the lack of water was only temporary.

At the moment I am still in the phase where I need to tolerate a lot. I’m sure it will pay off eventually. I have to adapt to a totally new lifestyle here. I’ve met great people who smile nicely. There’s something there behind the language barrier, the traffic and all the other things that really hit me first when I entered this city.

Now I’ll go back home. I could buy some juice on the way. I haven’t been able to reach Pike with text messages so I don’t know about the others. It would have been nice to meet before going to bed. Tomorrow I’ll try to buy a local prepaid telephone card so that I can contact people better.
Anyways, good night.


July 3, 2006 - Posted by | Being a trainee

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