Murmeli goes India

An AIESEC traineeship in Hyderabad, India

I’m not in Kansas anymore (or quite soon will not be)

The more I read about India the more aware I become of the fact that it will be something completely different.

Even a normal tourist trip to this country that overflows all your senses is an exceptional one, an experience you can not forget. Add to that the aspect of working in that country, which is what I will intend to do there for at least six months. I just completed a couple of chapters on business culture. It seems complicated. What I find troublesome is the balance between time conseption, deadlines, getting things done, politeness, friendlyness, eloquence, building good relationships and giving constructive feedback. Indians like to give feedback, but at the same time they are very polite and will not (at least in public) make you loose your face. If something fails it is karma, if it succeeds, it is karma. I am not saying that sarcastically, absolutely not. All this can be seen as a wonderful approach to life: whatever opportunities life has to offer to you, there is not only one point in your life when you are able to sieze that opportunity. Whatever comes, just comes. If not in this life, then in the next one.

I have no idea what I will be eating right now (at dinner time in India, actually) in three weeks time. It might be dal (split lentils) with rice, vegetables, yoghurt and chutney, with perhaps some roti or chappati on the side (both of which are some kind of bread). Of course I will have to use only my right hand for eating, as the left hand is considered unclean (for very obvious reasons, actually…). I might also become a vegetarian, just like most Hindus. Oh, and I’d like some kulfi, Indian ice cream, for desert, please.

Phew… overwhelming. And I’m not even there yet.

By the way, I was not going to get my eight years old tetanus shot renewed as it was considered effective still. However, due to the unfortunate “dive” playing football yesterday I actually got me a one tetanus shot 🙂 So, vaccinationwise, I’m even more than prepared to go. Someone get me on a plane to India!!


June 16, 2006 - Posted by | Leaving Finland, Preparation

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