Murmeli goes India

An AIESEC traineeship in Hyderabad, India

First Visa application sent & Indian bureaucracy & blogging

I sent the first Visa application to the Indian embassy in Helsinki yesterday. I have to say that I don’t really believe I’m going to get any Visa with that application and the insufficient and even contradictory attached documents. I’m still waiting for more documents from India, but it has already been a month since I first requested them…

UPDATE (14.6.2006, 13.28): I finally received the first one of the requested documents from India. I’ll need to go fax them to the embassy now. The whole Visa process has been extremely stressful. I just wish it would end soon, and also on time.

They say that India is a huge bureaucratic machine, incomprehensible as a matter of fact (Traveler’s Tales India). The bureaucracy is a remnant of the Raj, that is, the British ruling that ended in 1947. (Culture Smart India) The bureaucracy thing must be very strong and prevalent there since it has been mentioned in two of the books I’ve started reading. The same books also try to prepare the traveler for plenty of queuing, form filling and situations requiring a lot of patience and tolerance. I consider myself an extremely patient person, actually. I just got another proof of that last weekend when I was at my parents’ cottage with a few of my friends and a friend of mine told me the infamous elephant joke… 😉

I think I’m rather ambitious about blogging at this point. Still. First of all I’m writing in English (although I already have a post in draft status saying that sorry, I’m shifting to Finnish) and, secondly, I have already two quotes here from a couple of books I’ve been reading. But these things are aligned with my current blogging goals:
– write about myself, my emotions and feelings about the journey
– include India facts whenever appropriate
– maintain my large English speaking fan base.

On the other hand, I’m not sure if I’m following all the rules of blogging here. I’m talking about three very different issues in one post and I’m also meta-blogging (= blogging about blogging). But hey, there’s a first time for everything. That goes for blogging too.


June 14, 2006 - Posted by | Preparation

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